Saishree Mishra

User Experience Designer

My Portfolio

I love creating interactive and visual designs. Check out my portfolio to see some of my works.

End-to-end Project

The ResTo app was created to make restaurant finding and reservations easier. This process went all the way from user research to high-fidelity interactive prototype.

Research Based Project

The V4Y app was created for students and residents of York to help them find volunteering opportunities in their area and also connect with like minded people and build a network.

Web Design

Kitaabi is a micro-site for an annual book fair event. Check out this project to see how each aspect of this website was designed and developed.

Interface Design

Minima is an operating system that removes all your screen clutter and operates on an all-on-one-screen method. It brings minimalism to your phones.


Want to know some interesting stuff about how user experience design works? CHave a look at some of my articles.


I love travelling to new places, meeting new people, discovering their cultures and cuisines. Check out my travel page.

About Me

I am a User Experience designer by profession with a mind for problem solving and a passion for design for sustainability.
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